Criminology, a film about making mistakes, is now available. Which is probably also a mistake.

The economy is not very good, so our film is free to watch, download, and only if you want: donate to the next movie. We hope you enjoy it. 

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PS: Here's our interview with Indie Gathering. To help provide context (make excuses).




Criminology is now officially an award-winning feature film. 

Big thanks to the 20th Indie Gathering International Film Festival for recognizing our remarkable collaboration with the young and talented Rebel Hype Productions.

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Achieving Your Goals With 6 Practical Lessons - A new short film for those with hopes, dreams and ambitions..


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Hello. We're currently trying to get film festivals to care about our first feature film, Criminology

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a.k.a. Criminology: There Are Two Sides to Crime Sometimes, but Other Times its Really Wrong, Although Justice Does not Mean Racism, However Second Chances Are Necessary (2016)

"Useful Afterwards to the Society.."


Here's our dumb movie, we guess. It's free to watch. So watch it. Pay attention for once in your life. If you think its worth anything at all, there's a donation button down below. But we would really rather you actually focus on watching the movie instead of thinking about money again. They make you think about money all day everyday, so just take a break. Its OK. You're doing fine.

Anyway we made a movie about not knowing what you're doing. Probably because we don't know what we're doing. If you think this movie makes no sense and it offends you, go play a perfectly logical video game that's really really smart instead.

But again if you did like the movie, there's an optional donation button down below for you to decide on the price of admission after the fact. It could be absolutely nothing, could be your whole dumb life savings. Either way you can rest easy knowing we deserved it.

And if you thought it made no sense but still liked it, then you're a special person and we should be paying you.


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Spare change on your way out?

Do you even know what you're doing?

achieving your goals with 6 practical lessons (2015)

A short documentary...


HOUSE (2013)


A man hears a few suspicious sounds around his home and decides to investigate the source of the noises. Equipped with not much else other than his own instincts, he proceeds to engage in a game of cat and mouse with this unknown intruder.


untitled feature film project (2016)

Lest We Forget